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About Us

Muscle Delta Mission:

Muscle Delta designs musclular therapy technologies, and then partners with the world’s best Therapist’s to deliver life changing therapy. Our technologies accomplish this goal, while also improving the life of a therapist, and improving the business model.

Who can benefit from Muscle Delta Therapy?

Working together, the “Muscle Delta Assistant” and “World Class Therapists” will make the most positive effect on your body and pain.

Let’s look at the Muscle Delta Technologies in the next section below:

Muscles and Our Bodies

  • Our bodies fight against gravity our entire lives
  • That is why proper “body alignment” is essential
  • Proper body alignment means there is a straight line from ear, to shoulder to hip, to knee, to ankle
  • As our muscles “shorten” over time from use, they pull us out of alignment, usually forward, and gravity is a powerful force that actually twists a body
  • The weight of the human head extending forward forces muscles to overwork and further tighten, and now other areas become out of alignment
  • Eventually bones can even permanently deform and joints can become crushed and immobile
  • Bones cannot be easily renewed as we age, but muscles do not age and the adhesion can be removed
  • That is why Muscle Delta creates the very latest technology paired with highly skilled therapists to “Lengthen Muscles”

Stretching and Adhesion

Muscles have “layers”, and those layers are designed to move and glide back and forth on each other as they flex and extend

  • The graphic here shows how a muscle contracts then relaxes as it flexes and extends
  • This is a muscles true “power” source
  • A muscle that is “stuck” together by adhesion cannot properly contract and relax, resulting in a weak muscle with limited range of motion
  • We are told to stretch our muscles, and we need to stretch to “maintain” good muscular health
  • However, you cannot stretch past an adhesion
  • Only manual treatment deep into the muscles layers can produce effective results that allow a person to truly increase their range of motion and muscular health through muscular and physical therapy

Lengthening Muscles

As a body becomes more “out of proper alignment”, more stress is placed on other areas in the body, and it eventually snow balls

  • Muscle Delta aims to stop that progression through proper muscle lengthening to remove adhesion
  • The Muscle Delta Muscular and Physical Therapy philosophy is based on the long proven concept that lengthening muscles, and removing the adhesion within muscles are the primary ways of regaining proper muscular health.
  • We accomplish this with a non-invasive, drug free process of slowly and repetitively pressing down through the layers of muscle.


Range of Motion

Muscle Delta Therapy has the tools to return muscles and the body to a healthy condition

  • We easily and effectively measure your range of motion in 56 key areas
  • Create Detailed Reports
  • The reports are sent to your doctors, your trainers, and your insurance companies
  • We track the progress throughout your treatment program
  • As your ranges of motions return to normal, other positive effects take place
  • Your body’s alignment improves, more space is made in joints, blood flow increases, toxins are released, and pain and medications are reduced or eliminated
  • Life is restored!

Pain Reduction & Elimination

  • Muscle Delta Therapy is a medication free therapy to control pain, lessen negative symptoms of diseases, injury recovery, increase performance, and increase the mobility and health of the everyone, especially the growing elderly population.
  • It is Muscle Delta’s goal to reduce or eliminate medications you may be taking for pain, inflammation and other issues.


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