Muscle delta offer to use best muscular therapy assistant which is already used by the therapist in order to treat patient. Using the best Muscular therapy assistant that helps to make positive changes in your body. Muscle delta is a proven technology help in strengthening musical and physically help people

Muscle Delta Muscular and Physical Therapy Assistant
Operated by World Class Muscular and
Physical Therapists

Delta Means “Change” 

  • Muscle Delta makes the most positive change in your body by Lengthening Muscles
  • Muscles Delta Therapy Assistant is The Most Effective Tool Available for Lengthening Muscles
  • Touchless is the “new normal”
  • Muscle Delta provides Touchless Therapy and Analysis
  • Measurable results that are automatically placed in patients records including treatments, ROM reports, etc…
  • Consistent, focused, deep treatment slowly pushes through muscle layers
  • More effective than the human hand or any other available tool
  • Therapist programmed and controlled device
  • Programming  is extremely quick and easy
  • Professional Safety Features & Standards
  • Pain Medication Alternative
  • Greatly Reduce Therapist Repetitive Injuries  & Burnout
  • Delivering Superior Therapy…While Preserving the Therapist’s Body
  • Granular Pressure Settings from very Light to the Strongest Therapist hands
  • Add Muscle Delta Assistant and ROM Tool to your Therapy Office for around $15 a day

Patented Touchless Mobile
Muscular Therapy Assistant

Operated by World Class Muscular and Physical Therapists

  • Move anywhere in or out of your office
  • Hospitals,  Assisted Living Sports Complexes, or anywhere therapy is needed
  • Arm detaches and Assistant can easily fit in a trunk or back seat of a car

Muscle Delta Muscular and Physical Therapy Assistant

The Muscle Delta Assistant Database contains:

  •  Over 500 detailed muscle images
  •   Origin/Insertion
  •   Nerves & Arteries
  •   Action Info & Related Muscles

Operating the Muscle Delta Assistant Database:

  • Select a muscle to treat from database
  • Review muscle image and details with patient
  • Muscle name is automatically added to the patients treatment record
  • Treatment times and pressures are all recorded in record and reports