Muscle Delta Therapy

Delta Means “Change”

Muscle Delta Makes The Most Positive Change In Your Body By Lengthening Muscles

  • Muscles Delta Therapy Assistant Is The Most Effective Tool Available for Lengthening Muscles
  • Muscle Delta Assistant is Therapist Controlled
  • Delivering Superior Therapy…While Preserving the Therapist’s Body
  • One skilled Therapist can safely operate up to 4 assistant simultaneously
  • Touchless Therapy
  • Gets Measurable Results with Automated Reports
  • Fulfills the responsibility to patient to provide the absolute best services possible!

Challenges Facing Therapists

Physical Therapy is Physically Demanding

  • Muscle Delta Therapy Assistant is a Work Horse, but is also as gentle as a Lamb
  • Therapist assesses the patient, creates a treatment plan, and programs Assistant, but the Assistant does all the “Heavy Lifting”, or “Soft Touching” as the case may be
  • Preserve the Therapist’s body
  • Time to do paperwork and other important tasks
  • Get home earlier, with more energy for your personal life
  • Greatly Reduce Therapist Repetitive Injuries  & Burnout
  • Muscle Delta Assistant does all this and more for $15 a day
  • The human hand and other devices are incapable of delivering the quality of  treatment Muscle Delta Therapy Assistant can.  Simply breathing will affect the pressure a hand can deliver, and no hand can consistently deliver deep, measured, or light pressure year after year like Muscle Delta Therapy Assistant can

Range of Motion Testing (ROM)

  • So much easier and effective than traditional tools
  • Automatically creates and sends reports to billing software and records
  • Only Patented Touchless ROM Tool in the World

Therapy Applications

General Public

  • Primary Prevention
  • Primary Performance Enhancement
  • Impaired Posture
  • Impaired Muscle Performance
  • Impaired Joint Mobility
  • Impaired Motor Function, Muscle and Nerve
  • Impaired Ventilation and Respiration
  • Impaired Circulation (Cardio/Pulmonary)
  • Impaired Integumentary
  • Injury Recovery
  • Surgery Recovery


  • Sports Injury Recovery
  • Sports Injury Prevention
  • Sports Performance Enhancement

Effective Treatment of Elderly Patients

  • Proven Geriatric Treatment Plans
  • Gentle settings
  • Take the Muscle Delta Robot to them

Medication Free Pain Management

  • Medication Free Pain Solutions

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