Muscle Delta Touchless
Range of Motion Testing

The World’s Only Patented Touchless ROM Test

  • Choose one of 56 Motions to Measure
  • Show 2 Second Sample Video for Patient with tips/reminders to “isolate”, etc…
  • Point Camera at Patient and Capture
  • Reports Automatically Generated and Saved
  • Therapist does not have to stop and record data
  • Once a patient understands how to isolate, a Therapist can capture a motion in 5 seconds
  • Can even be performed capturing a patient over Internet Video
  • Reports include history of deviation from normal and improvements from each treatment session

Reports include deviation from normal and improvements from treatment

Measurable Results

  • Insurance companies require “measurable results”
  • Muscle Delta touchless Rom Tool provides detailed reports showing progress in Ranges of Motion throughout the patients treatment history
  • Reports are merged with billing software and submitted to Insurance, Doctors, and all invested entities

Comparison to Other Tools

Muscle Delta’s ROM Test is:

  • Touchless
  • Quick & Extremely Accurate
  • No writing
  • Auto Generated Reports

Tools like the Goniometer have been around since the Pyramids were built:

  • Cumbersome to use for patient and therapist
  • Difficult to be consistently accurately
  • Different Therapist measuring the same patient get different results
  • Must hand write all results

All other “technology” based solutions are extremely cumbersome:

  • Wearing Clothing with Sensors (that other people wear too)
  • Sensor that need to be placed all over a person’s body
  • Sensors often run out of “charge”
  • Sensors often have trouble linking with computer
  • Frustration of these and other issues cause expensive tools costing up to thousands of dollars to sit on shelves and not even be used

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