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Muscle Delta
Why is Muscle Delta Therapy The Most Exciting, Hottest and Best Franchising Opportunity Available In The World in 2022?

For the same cost as a hair cutting or pizza franchise, you can own a proprietary business, that helps people, is fun and prestigious to own, has patents, has low employee count who are educated, and will enhance your community stature.

Here are some great reasons:

  • Demand for physical therapy continuing to grow
  • Deliver the Finest Muscular Therapy in the World
  • Patents
  • Be the ONLY company that offers not only the very best therapy and analysis in the world that is delivered by World Class Therapists using Muscle Delta Tools
  • You don’t have to have 20 to 50 employees
  • One skilled Therapist can safely operate up to 4 assistants simultaneously
  • Two to Three Therapist make an EXTREMELY PROFITABLE clinic
  • Educated employees
  • Pride of Ownership
  • Helping People
  • People in Pain, 65% of Americans have chronic pain caused by muscular issues
  • Growing Elderly Population
  • People with Disabilities of all kinds
  • Work with Doctors and Hospitals
  • Work with World Class Athletes
  • Major Sports Teams in Your City
  • Colleges, Universities, High Schools
  • Weekend Warriors for Sports Tune-Ups
  • The opportunity to control all the Muscle Delta Therapy locations in your city or area
  • Unlike McDonalds, Hair Cutting, Ice Cream, or Pizza, etc… Muscle Delta will only have a few locations in each city. We prefer Partners who want several locations and understand the benefits of scaling

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